I relate to TV shows quite often.♥


"I should know better than to count on the future. All you can ever believe in is now, this moment, because in a blink, everything can change."

Dexter Morgan

Have to make the number on the scale go down.
Anonymous: My crush does anything to make me smile. Like, even stupid ass shit in public where random strangers laugh at him but he doesn't even care because he wants to make me smile. He sends me voice messages that I wake up to often and they make me melt. He has me up at 7AM listening to WOLF (specifically bimmer and awkward) and he understands what that means to me. Sneaks away at work to text me, always tries to buy me shit. Im blessed.


y’all ain’t dating?



He looks so strange without the mustache. 

You mean damn fine.

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it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

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